Mommy Files: Reading to Himself

My little guy loves books, and it’s not unusual for him to request that I read him one immediately upon waking. This morning, however, while I was getting ready he quietly sat down and “read” a book to himself.

Now, in the past, I often heard him repeating fragments of the actual text for his books, which he’s memorized from hearing them so often. Other times, he makes a running commentary, identifying objects, colors and shapes in the pictures.

Today, it was a little different. “Reading” the book “Wiggle” by Doreen Cronin and Scott Menchin, he told his own story from the point-of-the-view of the main character, a tan dog. “I can be a circle like you,” the dog said to a ball as he rolled up like one. “I’m jumping on the bed!” the dog exclaimed on a page that showed him doing that.

Then came my favorite moment. As the dog approached a crescent moon, whose facial expression was somewhat startled, the dog said, “Hi! I’m going to eat you! You’re yummy.”

Maybe someone has told him that the moon is made of green cheese.

Wiggle cover

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