Help Out a Mommy

I apologize for my limited posting of late. From week to week, my best-laid intentions for writing seem to fall prey to the demands of daily living and parenting. I hope to turn that around soon.

This week, I did manage to squeeze out enough time to put together a 2-minute video for a competition held by an early education organization called Baby Steps. It features my little man, Kung Fu Panda, who readily helped me shoot a video I call “Puppet Problem Solving.”

Please take a quick break and view it; it should make you smile (maybe even laugh):

To view it, scroll to the bottom and look for an image of KFP with two puppets.

Afterwards, if you liked it, please click on the box in the upper right-hand corner of the video to vote. A judging panel will award top prizes based on how well the videos met specific requirements, but they’ll also give out a cash prize for the top vote getter.

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