Celebrity-Inspired Celebrations for Real-Life Moms

I am pleased to introduce my first guest blogger. This is something I’ve been wanting to do for a while: to provide new perspectives. Arianna Pierce is an energetic writer and mom with some terrific ideas, which she shares on her blog, Arianna Knows Best. I hope you enjoy her post.

Nick Cannon, Mariah Carey and children in royal gear

Nick Cannon, wife Mariah Carey and
their kids in royal regalia at Disneyland

If your life is anything like mine, summers are probably far from a vacation. Lately, with rising temperatures and bored kids to entertain, all I’ve wanted to do is jet off to an island and find some peace and quiet. However, since I’m not rich enough to be a jet setter, my girlfriends and I have decided that this summer, we are going to figure out how to live the luxurious life right here at home, using our favorite celebrities as inspiration!

Celebrity summer: Sailing to St. Tropez on a Yacht

St. Tropez is known as a hot spot for celebrity sightings. Fans of this gorgeous coastal town include Rihanna, Leonardo Dicaprio, Beyoncé and Jay-Z, among many others. Leo was recently seen arriving by a chartered private jet and boarding his private yacht with a large group of supermodels.

Reality summer: Sailing at the Lake

We may not be able to make it to St. Tropez, but my girlfriends and I can certainly strap life vests on our kids and spend a day on the water! If you don’t own a boat, check out your local waterfront, as many offer sailboat, kayak and canoe rentals. Pack up a few sand toys to keep the fun going during breaks from the waves on shore.

Celebrity summer: Partying at the MTV Video Music Awards

The Video Music Awards are a huge event, bringing out the best and worst in all of our favorite celebrities. Whether we are talking about Britney’s not so innocent striptease or Lady Gaga’s meat dress, the Video Music Awards always leave the viewers wanting more and gossip magazines with something to discuss.

Reality summer: Organizing Your Own Award Show Party

None of us are likely to ever make an appearance on MTV, but we can still host our own award show parties at home. You can ask your guests to dress like their favorite artists and have a karaoke jam based on all your favorite award show performances. Then, at the end of the night, have everyone vote for their favorite artists and hand out prizes, such as iTunes gift cards or funky colored headphones to the winners. Funny acceptance speeches are required!

Celebrity summer: Shutting Down Disneyland for an Anniversary

When Mariah Carey and husband Nick Cannon celebrate their love, they follow one simple motto: Go big or go home! After they renewed their vows, the pair took over Disneyland for the day, shutting it down to the general public and ensuring that their family would get the royal treatment!

Reality summer: Booking an Evening at a Great Local Restaurant

Unfortunately, when my family goes to Disneyland, we have to wait in line just like everyone else. However, it seems much more realistic to scrape together enough cash to book a private room at a restaurant for a special occasion. Not only does this allow you to celebrate in private, but many restaurants will also offer you a custom menu, discounts on drinks and even a special cake, just for you!

Arianna is a full-time mom and a fashion-lover, world traveler, animal lover, and family woman extraordinaire. She loves to cook and bake, travel to new places, share great fashion finds, and spend time doing crafts and projects at home with her kids. She’s got a crazy busy life, but she wouldn’t have it any other way! Follow her blog at http://ariannaknowsbest.blogspot.com/!

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