About the Book

Early in 2012, I participated in a free webinar by author Nina Amir, held by Writer’s Digest, called “How to Blog Your Book.” My toddler cooperated, playing with his trucks and looking through books while I listened to the live session. The webinar inspired me to pursue a project I’ve been developing in the back of my mind since he was born.

I want to write a book of parenting essays, geared towards women who, like me, started families relatively late. I envision these essays as being helpful, entertaining and at times poetic. In them, I will address expectations that I had as an older mother and the realities I am now discovering.

Breaking the book up into small portions, I will be writing a little bit each week to share and will also be writing other portions which will appear only in the finished book. You can read things in order from the Chapter Outline page.

I will also occasionally share thoughts on the writing process, as well as articles, research, and thoughts about related subjects.

Throughout, I’ll be interested in your feedback, particularly from people in my target audience: parents and caregivers, and potential parents/caregivers aged 35 and above.

Happy reading and have fun parenting!


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